10. The trainings at the 24th WSJ have started! (photos from the first 3days)

The 24th World Scout Jamboree, North America 2019 opened its gates on the 22nd of July at the Bechtel Summit Reserve in order to host more than 55,000 Scouts aged 14-18 years old coming from more than 170 countries all over the world. From the very beginning, our tent at the “Transportation Safety” Hub, at the “Living in the 21st Century” area was overcrowded with young Scouts to get trained on the FIA supported BRAAVO programme.


It is estimated that about 400 Scouts visit our Hub per day.  Scouts from Canada are checking their reaction time on the distraction activity while texting, another team from Mauritius is getting informed on stopping distances at the reaction test. Out of the tent, at the open air area, a group from USA is using the alcohol goggles while driving the pedal carts. Back to the tent a group from Colombia is discussing with the RSI trainer about the importance of seatbelt use after having watched the visuals of the FIA #3500LIVES campaign. “That was a really fun and informational tent”, says Aidan from USA, who just completed the BRAAVO activities, “I’m glad that I take part in it!”

During the trainings Scouts are asked to fill in a questionnaire on Youth Driving Attitudes and Behaviours, focused on drink driving. The main research objectives of the survey are to track the attitudes and behaviors regarding drinking and driving, self-perceptions, values as guiding principles in life, as well as issues concerning traffic culture in general. The results will lead to the development of intervention and prevention programmes based on cross cultural issues and references to other countries. The research is a follow up on the research held at the 23th Scout Jamboree in Japan (2015) and at the 15th MOOT in Iceland (2017).

Apart from knowledge on road safety, young scounts also receive a photo as a memory in print or via email, signing the FIA manifesto with their commitment to follow road safety rules (see photos bellow).

After succesfully completing their training the scouts write down their impressions and share their road safety experience! 

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