9. The preparations at the 24th WSJ (photos)

Soon after our team arrived at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia, USA, where the 24th WSJ takes place, everybody started preparing the Hub.

The tent at the “Transportation Safety” hub at the “Living in the 21st Century” area was decorated with visuals of selected RSI and FIA campaigns, such as the #3500LIVES campaign. 

The training equipment was placed all over the place in order to successfully implement the BRAAVO trainings. 

The Alcohol Goggles. A pair of glasses that alter the user’s vision making him/her seeing as if he/she is under the influence of alcohol.

In order to make the “drink driving” trainings more interactive and attractive, the trainees will have the opportunity to use the alcohol goggles while riding a kart!

The collision weight scale, a scale that measures one’s weight, and then shows how much his or her body inertia would “weight” in different speed values.

The Reaction test, a micro-computer that measures the users’ reaction time and braking distance in different values of speed.

Moreover, a distraction game activity where users try to complete a matching activity with multiple distracting factors.

During the training events audiovisual material will be displayed at two screens with selected RSI and FIA road safety campaigns.

Apart from the training activities,  a Research on Youth driving attitudes and behaviours will be implemented in collaboration with the Centre of Cross Cultural Psychology, Dpt of Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. More than 55.000 scouts aged 14-18 years old from 170 countries are expected to participate at the 24th WSJ in Virginia, therefore we expect to run a large scale research with a significant sample from several countries.

Everything was ready in order to welcome the ISTs who would be trained as trainers and support the BRAAVO trainings. We have created a team of 17 people from more than 6 countries, all adequately trained and committed to promote Road Safety. 

As a rehearse, one day before the event opening, we implemented a pilot BRAAVO training to members of  the University of IOWA, Drug Enforcement Agency and Scientists coming from participating Universities. 

After the succesful  pilot training, everything and everybody was finally ready for the opening day! 

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