FIA #3500LIVES campaign

Every day, 3,500 people are killed on

the roads. Young people are particularly affected as road crashes are the number one cause of death of 5 to 29 years old. This is an alarming trend, a plague that needs to be stopped, a human, economic and social cost which has become unacceptable. Road safety is a real public health issue, representing a challenge and a priority for all countries and their citizens around the world.

Since 2017, the #3500LIVES campaign has taken a positive, tangible approach to raise awareness and encourage pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers to adopt simple, easily applied habits that have proven to be effective.

The campaign has 12 Golden Rules which are showcased by 15 world-famous ambassadors. All the ambassadors have personally committed to support this cause on a voluntary basis and the Golden Rules are also promoted by global institutions. The campaign emphasizes what everyone can do to make roads safer for all users with its slogan, “Sign up, stay safe, save lives”.

RSI “Panos Mylonas” and CAA on the FIA #3500LIVES Campaign in Greece and Cyprus

RSI Panos Mylonas in collaboration with the Cyprus Automobile Ascosiation (CAA) has launched the Greek version of the FIA #3500Lives Campaign. The Campaign that was held under the FIA Mobility “Global Action” Grant Programme included Translation and Greek subtitles for the video of the FIA Global Campaign #3500LIVES as well as the creation of a microsite dedicated to the promotion of the campaign in Greek. The campaign also included the design, creation and implementation of a 2 minute video with four (4) local Ambassadors promoting the #3500 campaign in Greece and Cyprus. Mrs. Adriana Paraskevopoulou, journalist and TV news broadcaster, Mr. Paschalis Tsarouchas, actor and writer of children’s books, Ms Dimitra Korokida, a bronze paralympic champion, world champion in shooting and a martial arts coach, and Mr. Fotis Thomas, a mechanic – aviation engineer and GOKART champion, unite their forces with RSI Panos Mylonas and become the local ambassadors to promote the campaign in Cyprus and Greece. The local Ambassadors are renowned personalities in Greece, each one in one’s sector, and can influence different target groups. In addition, by sharing with the public their own experiences of traffic accidents, and letting them know what rule they followed which finally saved their lives, this way their message becomes stronger and their support to the campaign is invaluable. Furthermore, the use of videos and images is stronger and more influential than any other means of communication.

RSI “Panos Mylonas” Video Campaigns

“A while ago” - Speeding

“A while ago…” campaign is an RSI ‘Panos Mylonas’ initiative designed and hosted in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission for Greece and as a joint CAA and RSI initiative for Cyprus under the support of the FIA. The campaign is at the core of RSI’s road safety actions implemented specifically to mark the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week 2017, which focuses on speed, identified worldwide as a major risk factor of death and disability. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among the Greek and Cypriot public about the dangers of speeding. Speeding is the number one traffic violation in Greece and Cyprus and also the most common identified cause of road crashes. A special focus of the campaign is on young male drivers who -according to statistics- are more likely to speed and therefore are more frequently involved in speed – related crashes.

“Aggressive Driving”

“Aggressive driving” campaign is an RSI ‘Panos Mylonas’ initiative designed and hosted in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission for Greece and as a joint Greek Police and RSI initiative. The role of parents as role models is crucial for their children in shaping safe attitudes and behaviors. Regarding parent-teenager interaction research shows that parents’ driving styles have an impact on teenagers’ car safety behavior especially in seat-belt use.

“There is a reason”, Always belt-up

  • 8,600 car passengers in Europe survived a violent conflict because they wore a seat belt.
  • Non use of Seat belt is one of the four main causes of death in road accidents.
  • The use of a seat belt is also necessary in the rear seats, as in the event of a collision, not only the rear, but also the front seat occupants, are endangered.

In the context of informing and raising the awareness among road users, RSI “Panos Mylonas” launched the campaign “…There is a reason”, Always belt-up during the Greek National Road Safety Week 2018. The video uses advanced technologies to show the vital role of seat belt for human life. The concept and creation belongs to the RSI “Panos Mylonas” with the support of the research project of Toyota Fund for Europe.